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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who would benefit from a meeting?

  • Anyone who wants to avoid unnecessary Risk.

  • Anyone who is looking for an Unbiased 3rd Party Evaluation (Free Qualified Second Opinion) of their current financial situation to ensure they are positioned for long term success.

  • Anyone with an IRA, 401K, TSA, or any other investment, who would like to fully understand how much risk they have.

  • Anyone who would like a plan to bring more certainty to their financial goals through Low Risk, Low Volatility, Successful Retirement Strategies.

  • Anyone who fears outliving their money.

  • Anyone who wants to learn to reduce their investment risk while attaining excellent rates of return over time (5, 10, 15+ years).

  • Anyone who isn’t 100% sure about their current retirement plans, and may have some doubt.

Is Wisepath Financial limited to specific investment companies?

No.  Wisepath Financial is an independent advisory practice and we understand that each client has different and unique goals and objectives, where no single investment or insurance company could meet these different circumstances.

Therefore, Wisepath Financial can provide access to a wide variety of different solutions to meet those unique goals and objectives.  However, Wisepath Financials wealth management system is built on a foundation of Low Risk, Low Volatility and Higher Probabilities of Long Term Retirement Success.  Our clients cannot afford to go backwards.

I already work with a financial representative. Why do I need to meet with Mario?

Firstly, about 90% of folks who come in to meet with us already have a financial representative.  However many times their current advisor is not a Retirement Specialist, and often times their current advisor is not a fiduciary.  Mario is a Licensed Fiduciary, where he is legally obligated to put his client’s interests above and beyond everything, Always!  Many other advisors are not held to these rigorous standards and many times work for a company’s interests, and Not for their clients best interests.

Secondly, managing your financial well-being is important, not only for you, but for many others you care for and affect.  Get a qualified second opinion, a Free No Obligation Financial Review, of your current financial situation and what you hope to achieve in the future for long term financial success.  We’ll assist you to make sure your current financial strategies are in line with your expectation of the future.

Lastly, our strategies are focused on Low Risk, Low Volatility, Higher Probabilities of Long Term Financial Success.  Our strategies help bring more certainty to your long term financial goals.

What Can I expect during My Free No Obligation Review?

  • Expect to be surprised. Our meeting with you is not a sales pitch. We value your time and make every effort to answer all your questions.

  • Expect us to focus on learning about your priorities and investment concerns.

  • Expect us to listen, listen & listen and ask questions that cover your values, lifestyle, family, goals, and time horizons.

  • Expect us to thoroughly review your existing investments and evaluate how well they are serving you. This includes discussing past investment experience.

  • Expect us to carefully assess your risk tolerance.

  • Expect us to make conservative, defense oriented recommendations regarding a future in which you may live longer than you think, spend more than you planned, and face inflation worse than expected, while coping with markets that may underperform.

Ultimately, this is Your hour.  There is no charge, obligation or pressure.  This is your time for you to get to know us and for us to listen to you to gain a better understanding of where, what, when, who and why YOU want to achieve better financial peace of mind.  At Wisepath Financial, we believe that relationships can only thrive when values match.

At the close of the hour, you will decide if you would like to meet again.

What should I bring to the face-to-face meeting for a Financial Review?

The following items would be helpful, the more you provide us, the more we can help you:

  • Your latest financial statements such as: Mutual funds, CD’s, Life insurance policies, Annuity policies, Retirement accounts (IRA, 401K, TSA, 403B.etc.) [Please bring your statements not just a spreadsheet]

  • Wills and Trusts

  • A copy of last year’s Federal Income Tax Return

  • An estimate of your annual expenses

  • Any questions you may want to write down for discussion

How do I schedule a time to visit with Mario Beatrice?

You can schedule an appointment with Mario by calling (407) 878-7238 or by email

What are Wisepath Financial’s office hours?

Our hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00, or by appointment.

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