Wisepath Financial’s Fiduciary Standard

Why a Fiduciary?

Fiduciary Standard Vs. Suitability Standard (Brokers)

Wisepath Financial is proud to operate as a Fiduciary Firm for individuals and clients. Our independent advisors, BY LAW, must act in the “Best Interest of our Clients”, ALWAYS!

Did you know different advisors are held to different standards of service?  That’s Right!  Many advisors are not held to the same rigorous standard. Only Investment Adviser Representatives who have completed the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination (Series 65), which covers laws, regulations, ethics and topics such as retirement planning and portfolio management strategies have a legal, fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients best interests.

Other advisors (Brokers) are held to a significantly lower standard known as the “suitability” standard. Meaning they must do what is deemed “suitable” and they are fully within their legal rights to act in “Their Own” and “Their Company’s” best interest, before those of their clients.

If you were considering a major financial decision for you and your family’s future, would you want to know if there were pieces of information which may be detrimental to your decision?  Would you like to learn of these potentially harmful pieces of information before or after you make the decision?

Of course, you would want to have that information shared with you before the decision is made.  That’s what makes Wisepath Financial different.  Wisepath Financial takes our fiduciary responsibility very seriously.  We believe in identifying all of the facts necessary to help our clients make sound financial decisions, that are in “YOUR BEST INTERESTS”.

Choosing an Advisor to manage your Wealth is one of the most important decisions that you can make. It is a decision that will affect many decades of your life; as well as, centuries for your heirs, beneficiaries and charities. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a firm you can trust – one which is dedicated to understanding and addressing your Specific Individual Goals and Needs. Before you make a decision of which firm to use, watch this video, and learn what the differences are between Fiduciaries and Brokers.

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